Well, my last post was dramatic to say the least, but sometimes you just can't mask how you feel.
That night Devin had got a call saying that he had lost his job. For those of you who know us and our situation, you know we haven't ever had it easy and that just added to those feelings. We have been very blessed with trials that have helped us grow in our marriage, but sometimes it is hard to see that point of view when your emotions take over.
Since Wednesday night we have been going over our options, and we decided to hit the job market again and search as hard as we can for the best job for our family. Thanks to my wonderful sister and her husband we were able to get a job at Preventive Pest Control and he starts TUESDAY!! How WONDERFUL!! (we just got the call!)

Update number Two:
Our beautiful Mckemy is now 10 lbs & 10 1/2 weeks!! She is such a good baby. It seems like she just gets better everyday. She smiles all the time and like to talk to us and let us know whats up!
She is averaging a 5 to 7 hour stretch of sleep during the night, and I am loving every minute of it. We love her so much! Here are a few pictures!


Svancara Family said...

oh your little one is just gorgeous!! I'm happy to hear your situation is better. Mark, my hubby, worked for Preventive when we first got married for a summer!

Millie said...

Oh really?? Did he like it?

stacie and geoffrey... said...

oh my gosh she is SO cute. I've never seen any babies with that great of features, what the heck?!

..and we live in the evergreen historic district in Mesa. we love it and are so excited!