Sometimes I just get anxious.

My sister reminded me the other day that I love to write. To express myself in sentences that don't make sense to others and have meanings that no other mind could depict but myself.
Due to a recent desire to be something great, here I go.
It always feels like just one reach away, yet the reach is so unreachable.
Reasons pile up to neck deep to where that one reach becomes utterly lost.
Never coming easy, but the yearning is so strong it chokes.
Self assurance becomes vital. Its all I have.
The surroundings always seem to mock me, all these efforts fly by.
This hope builds, but my body can't keep up.
Only one knows. The refiners fire.
Hot, hard and fierce. When will it ever end.
Why this happens, why it becomes necessary, someday I will know.
Someday I will win. My dreams will be a reality.
Sensation my fingers have never known.
This is all I have left. This is what will get me through.
Sit back, let hope take the wheel.


Celeste said...

Hey Millie! I am glad you found my blog and I found yours! You are a good writer! Ya I got married April 7 2007. I didn't even know you had a baby girl! Holy cow that's awesome!

megs said...

i love your writing!!! i wish i could do it...