Fall Love

So we recently got some device that will transfer the picture off of Devins camera to the computer and I found this picture that I absolutley love! About a year ago we went down to Hobble Creek in Springville, Ut to go fishing and ended up taking some great pictures. It is absolutley beautiful around that time of year there and it makes me want to live there. I love these memories, and I love my husband so much!

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Libby said...

Love the pictures and Mckemy is getting so big. How are you doing? I hope you are doing great. From 1 of your posts, it sounds like you are having a hard time. Let me know if you need anything. I miss you guys!

megs said...

AAAAH I MISS YOU TOOOO, sorry i forgot to mention you during my emotional breakdown.

I AM COMING HOME ON OCTOBER 10! we HAVE to see eachother. saturday lunch??! you down?! let me know. i love youuuuuuuuu.

megs said...
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