I should be sleeping since I just got Mckemy to sleep my hours are limited until she wants to eat again. I guess I just have to say how I don't understand life. I often feel like I am going through the same never ending trial and just when it is about to get easy or I feel the pressure lifting I just get slammed again. I try my harderst to have the faith I need to get through it all, and I try my hardest not to murmer because I know my Heavenly Father is aware, I just don't know what to do.
I don't understand why my lot is just destined to be a little bit tougher than my peers. I am really hoping some type of miracle will happen or I will have a streak of luck that wont be followed by a bad one. Who knows, maybe I should just be used to it by now. I am trying to have the faith to know and not doubt...I know it will all work out...I just want to know when.

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megs said...

i miss you dearly, the pics of my baby girl are sooo tender- post MORE!!!
dont forget that i looooove you always and forever, until the stars fall from the sky and the earth stops spinning amelia! call me, sorry i moved 700 miles away;) miss you! xoxoxoox