5 weeks and going strong

Well my little baby is 5 weeks old as of yesterday! She is getting chunky and cute!
She had her 1 month check up on Tuesday and didn't even cry!
She is now 8lbs 8oz and 21 1/4 in long! She is in the 25% range for her weight and 50% range for her height!
OK, so she hasn't grown that much, but to me she looks so different! She is starting to smile here and there and she is now sleeping 5 hours at night!
Devin has been doing exercises with her by having her stand up on his stomach, and she really does it! His goal is to have her walking before she crawls...hahah oh my husband!
Well here are a few pictures of my baby girl!


Svancara Family said...

i only have one of my own so far but i am pretty sure you aren't supposed to put them in the fridge:) she is SO cute millie!!

COLBZ said...

millie! it has been a lonngg time!I didnt know you had a baby! she is so cute and so little!

smhollobaugh said...

oh my gosh MILLIE!! I can't believe this, your married and you have a baby!!! that is so crazy. I can't believe how long it's been since i've heard from you. too long that's for sure. Oh we had some good ol times with Heidi and Benselee, when we werent all grounded at least. lol Well I'm married, too, lol, and I have two boys. but I'm so glad that i found you on this blog thing. i love finding old friends!! well check out my blog smhollobaugh.blogspot.com, and im gonna add you if thats cool so i can keep tabs on little millie gifford! love ya, melissa