Life is such a rollercoaster ride.

Well, we are moved into our own 2 bedroom apartment, and I can't even explain the relief it is to finally have my own place and enough space. I am sure we will grow out of it eventually, but it will definitely do for now.
Our baby is due in 27 days! So many different emotions come with that sentence. One, that is way way WAY to soon. Two, I can't wait to see what she looks like!! Three, I am so excited to be done being pregnant. Four, what the heck are we going to do. Devin has been in search for a really good job for a while, and just when we thought we had one, it doesn't seem to be working out. It gets pretty difficult to go through this process over and over, and to continually watch Devin feel frustrated about things that are out of his control. I guess when it comes to this, all we can do is pray our hardest and exercise our faith as much as possible to rely on the promise that things will work out as they always do. We definitely love our baby, and can't wait for her to come. This pregnancy has been such a roller coaster for me, going from dreading this and hating it, to being excited for our baby and loving and having a bond with her. Heavenly Father does have his hand in this, and I just have to remember that.

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