Baby Time

Well I am almost 39 weeks and definitely feeling it! Devin is just getting more excited everyday, and I am making lists of things that need to be done. Life is crazy! I have been having contractions for the last four days now, not horrible or too painful but progressively getting worse and more often. All that is left to do is to get my hospital bad together and CLEAN MY HOUSE! I swear, it will never be fully unpacked or clean. Ugh. I am trying to to let it stress me out too much though! The baby room is put together, thanks to my amazing sister Leila, and I am putting the bedding on today and her decorations! Devin thinks I will have the baby tonight because it is a full moon, and I keep laughing at him. So we looked it up last night, and I guess it does effect a lot of women...lets just hope that women isn't me! On a different note, My birthday is TOMORROW! Wooo Hoooo.
Lets hope I make it!

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