The wait is over...

Well a lot has happened. The best part is....Devin is HOME! He got a job offer here, and we didn't even hesitate to take it! If there is any reason for him to come home and to be with me and not miss a beat, then we took it. There were a lot of hurt feelings with the company, and a whole lot of frustration, but when all is said and done he is home and we are able to be together again with a good job. It was definitely an answer to our prayers!
I started teaching swim lessons this week, and I love it. Although I have been kicked in the stomach a few times, and one of the girls just says she hates me for the full lesson, I still love it and laugh. It's actually quite cute!
We really just feel so blessed that Devin is able to come home. We wish it would have been a smoother transition with him leaving Virginia, but is anything ever smooth when it comes to business??? Didn't think so. All I know is that my amazing husband will be here today!!!!

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Deanna said...

What??? Millie has a blog? That is so exciting! It is "the cool thing to do". So I guess you're offically cool now! Haha- I'm kidding.

We are so glad that Devin is able to be home with you now. That would be the hardest thing ever! Tell him good luck with the NEW job.