I've been wrapping up my last couple shoots before I have this baby. 
I've been working hard to put myself in a position of being free to enjoy my newborn. 
I did this beautiful senior session last week, and as much as I LOVED it, 
I am so glad its one of my last sessions. This belly of mine is just too big :) 
Really though, I love shooting seniors. 
I love bringing out their inner model. 
I watch them start off a little timid,
and by the end of the shoot their confidence is just through the roof. 
Its one of my favorite things to watch.

Im absolutely in love with these images.
Shes beyond gorgeous!
Thanks Kaitlin for being so fun to work with!!

35 weeks

Dear Sawyer, 

Here we are in the home stretch. 
A little less than 5 weeks and youll be here. 

5 more weeks and my life is going to be forever changed.
I would be lying if I said I wasn't terrified out of my mind.... just a little bit.
I wonder what youll be like, and look like.
I wonder how very much I will love you the instant I see your beautiful face.
I worry about being the best mother I can be for you, and simultaneously for Mckemy. 

I am excited for you to come. 
That may or may not be a little influenced by the fact that I fee like my body is falling apart;
and it would be nice to for my entire pelvic region to stop thriving in pain.
But that is absolutely not to be overshadowed by my excitment to love you, and to kiss you, and to hold you.

There is still so much to be done, and decided before you get here. 
Most importantly, how you will arrive. 
Everybody is wondering which path I will choose for your delivery, and I guess Im just waiting to see how things go. Because truly, this is between me and you, with lots of help from up above.
Im praying, fervently, that you and I will be able to figure this thing out.

I guess all thats left to say is that I love you.
And I cant wait to meet you.

Rachel + Tim: Engagements

9 more weeks until this baby comes out! 
His room is painted, and bed is up. 
Things are getting serious around here!

With my maternity leave coming up soon, I'm making sure to stay caught up on my shoots. 
Lucky for me, I got to work with these two beauts a couple weeks ago. 
Rachel and Tim are getting married in October, so we decided to do their engagements before summer hit.
They were so much fun to work with, and were up for anything!
I love when  my clients trust me 100%, and these two definitely did!

30 weeks.

Dear Sawyer,

Since my last update, we have officially named you.
It was a fight...
but I gave in. 
Now you see, I've always loved your name, but I just wasn't set on it for you
Your Dad on the other hand, was immovable. 
So if you ever decide you hate it, he's the one to blame. 

You are currently, huge.
I think the pregnancy books would describe you as something bigger than a butternut squash,
but we both know thats just rubbish. 
You're you, and you never slow down. 
Currently, youre moving like crazy. Its almost uncomfortable, but not quiet.
 I'm hoping youll come out of me a little early, Im crossing my fingers for only 7 more weeks.
Do you think you'll be ready?
You see, with your sister, she decided to come out the hard way. 
So Im hoping if you come out a bit earlier, then you might come out a bit easier. 
But lets be honest, I think me and your Dad hope you'll be easier all around :) 

Youre room is still non-exsistant. But the good news is I've bought the paint!
Bad news is, I still dont even have a car seat for you. 
Things are going well though, and Mckemy loves feeling you all the time. 
She already loves you, and tells everyone about you. 

We love you,

I love you.


Lindsey & Steve: Married

This wedding is by far one of my favorites. 
It took place in the small town of Jerome, Arizona. 
After two years of dating, and 5 years of being engaged, and surrounded only by their closest family and friends,  Lindsey and Steve finally became husband and wife.
This was the most unique experience of my career. 
Usually the morning of the wedding is quiet chaotic. Everyone is trying to get ready, and get the last minute details in place. Its a wedding, its usually just how it goes. But this one was different. 
I told Steve that I wasnt quiet sure what to do with myself because things were so calm and there was so much down time. His reply was, thats exactly what we wanted :) 

Here is Steve's perspective of his wedding day : 
"The day was completely unpredictable, and we liked it that way. The size was small so we thought it was very intimate. Unconventional and stress free are some word that I would use to describe it. So laid back, so rugged and raw. I loved that day a lot."

I loved their reactions when seeing each other for the first time
  My favorite shot of the day :

Lindsey and Steve, I have no words. I cant thank you enough for welcoming me, and making me feel like truly just a guest at your wedding. I love you guys and am so honored to have capture your wedding!